Over my forty-year legal career, I maintained a litigation-oriented practice in both Manitoba and British Columbia. I began as a staff lawyer with Legal Aid Manitoba, where I worked for eight years.

In private practice, I was involved in several constitutional cases and twice appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada. Some at the trial and appellate levels were aimed at strengthening French-language rights in the province.

In January of 1998, I was appointed to the Canadian Transportation Agency. The CTA is a quasi-judicial tribunal and economic regulator; it makes decisions on matters in air, rail, and marine transportation under the Canada Transportation Act. I remained a board member with the CTA for nine years, ending in 2007.

During my years at the CTA, I sat on numerous cases where I was introduced to the complexities of the transportation sector. Subsequent policy development and analysis, as well as more recent work on grain regulation, has led me to the conclusions summarized on the Moving Canada page. These themes are further explored in the policy pages for each sector.

I believe that the global COVID-19 outbreak presents a great challenge to the future of the Canadian economy. The transportation sector must be recognized as one of its main drivers. Transportation policy must look to the future and guarantee the seamless movement of people and goods through Canada's sea and air ports. It should be grounded on an understanding of what market forces can deliver and to what extent they should be constrained.

Providing clients in the transportation and grain sectors with up-to-date knowledge and policy direction.